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Huizhou Boxin Electronics Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise established in 1989, with a focus on the R&D, manufacturing and marketing of communication headsets, we independently developed various headsets such as gaming headsets, education headsets, kids’ headsets, UC headsets, DJ headsets, Bluetooth headphone, TWS etc. Our products and solutions are applied to consumer electronics such as Smart Phones, Tablets, Laptops, Gaming Devices, Computers and other products.

We believe that the headset is not only a product but also a spirit and a belief. We maintain and continuously enhance our R&D capabilities to improve the technology and quality of products, and provide customers with a full range of ODM / OEM services; From product planning, design, production to final product promotion, provide complete acoustic product solutions according to customer's market needs.

We have main departments such as the quality department, mold department, injection department, wire department, silk screen department, assembly department, electro-acoustic department, etc. In order to reduce costs and improve competitiveness, Boxin is following a one-stop group business model. Everything we do is to create greater value for our customers. Our philosophy is very simple:  Satisfy our consumers.

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Our Vision

We believe sustainability and business success are fundamentally intertwined. We implement eco-friendly practices throughout our operations to reduce waste, conserve resources, and operate more efficiently.

Our Commitment

We treat our clients as partners and work collaboratively to ensure their needs are met. We share a commitment to ethical business practices and transparent communication..

Our Solutions

We are passionate about developing new technologies and improving our products to deliver unparalleled value. We provide cutting-edge, customized equipment tailored to your specific needs.



Do you provide customized service?

Yes, we can design the headset according to your requirements (material, power, etc.). We will also provide you with expert guidance based on our many years of experience in the industry.

How long does it usually take for me to receive the goods?

Depends on whether you want to customization your headset or not, and also depends on the speed of customs clearance and logistics, but we can guarantee to ship the headset in less than 2 business days, and we have customers in Singapore who received the goods in less than 2 weeks.

What is the battery life of your wireless headphones?

The battery life of our wireless headphones varies depending on the model and usage. On average, they provide around 20-30 hours of playback time before requiring a recharge. However, specific battery life details can be found in the product specifications.

Do your headphones offer noise-canceling capabilities?

Yes, we offer a range of headphones with active noise cancellation (ANC) technology. ANC reduces unwanted external sounds, allowing you to enjoy your music or calls without distractions.

Can I use the headphones for extended periods without discomfort?

Absolutely! Our headphones are designed with comfort in mind. They feature adjustable headbands, cushioned ear cups, and ergonomic designs to provide a comfortable fit, even during long listening sessions.

What are the payment options?

You can use Western Union, which has a lower fee, or PayPal if you can accept a slightly higher fee, but please note that for new customers, we only accept the 30% T/T of the payment, or if you have been with us for years and run into cash flow pressure, we do offer OA credit.

What if you can't provide what I want?

It does happen that if the headset you offer is too complex for your needs, we may not be able to manufacture it but be confident that BOXINHEADSET has 30 years of experience in the industry, we have far more resources than others, and we can help you find the corresponding manufacturer.

Can you provide samples of your headphones before I make a bulk purchase?

Yes, we can provide samples for evaluation before placing a bulk order. Please let us know the specific models you are interested in, and we will arrange sample shipment to your desired location for testing and review

Can I come to China for a factory inspection?

You’re welcome to visit our factory and see our production in person. Contact us to schedule a visit and our team will show you around, explain our manufacturing process, and demonstrate the quality of our product. We’re confident you’ll be impressed!Now we support using ZOOM for online factory inspection.

Any benefits for headset wholesale from China?

In a word, China has a much better industry chain. There may be wholesalers of headsets in India, Vietnam, and Malaysia, but BoxinHeadst can guarantee that our prices can be on par with theirs and that our service far exceeds your expectations.

Are there any import duties or taxes I should be aware of when importing headphones from China?

Import duties and taxes may apply when importing goods into your country. The exact amount varies based on your country's regulations and the value of the shipment. We recommend checking with your local customs authority to understand the applicable import duties and taxes before placing an order.

Are your headphones compatible with different devices?

Yes, our headphones are designed to be compatible with various devices, including smartphones, tablets, computers, and audio players. They typically come with standard audio jacks or wireless connectivity options like Bluetooth.

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